Preventing Basement Water Problems

During the rainy season, many homeowners fear water entering the basement and causing damage. We have solutions that facilitate water run-off away from the home in order to keep your basement dry and your belongings protected. Since every home is unique, we'll assess the problem and provide the best solution.

Jerry's Landscaping and grading Services

Commercial and residential grading and landscaping contractor serving southeastern Wisconsin counties such as Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, Washington, Ozaukee, Dodge and more!

Our specialty since the inception of our company has been water problems. Most wet yards can be drained effectively. It has been our experience that water accumulation is a growing concern in homeowner property.

We at Jerry's Landscaping & Tree Service are skilled at assessing problematic areas and engineering solutions. Learn more...

Landscape drainage Problems

Water can pool on your property. Not only is this bothersome, but it can be bad for plants. It can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Drainage water can also seep towards your house, causing water to seep into the basement, or even the main levels of the home.

All of this water must be channeled properly; this is done through a process called grading.
There are various methods of doing this. The best method depends on your particular setting and land contouring.

Other landscaping related service areas we specialize in:


We have topsoil for sale

- Brown dry screened
- No clay filler
- Run through 1/2" screen
- Stored indoors

We provide landscaping and grading services to the following Wisconsin counties: Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Walworth, Rock, Jefferson, Dodge, Washington, Ozaukee, Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Calumet, Dane and more depending on the project! Contact us today for a FREE quote.

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